“Music: the greatest good that mortals know, and all of heaven we have below.” Jospeh Addison.

Hi, I’m Raina

I live in Nottingham and although I love my day job (as a lawyer!) my biggest passion is for music and singing. Always humming some tune or the other and find it hard to switch the music in my head off!

I was first inspired musically, by my mum. She used to make me watch countless Bollywood movies as a child. Most of the old songs I know, I’ve learnt from her singing them and that’s why I love them.  One summer when I was about 8, a wonderful singer from India, Vani Jairam, came to stay with us. She was performing in Nottingham and the organisers happened to ask my parents to put her up – that was in the good old days before everyone started demanding 5 star hotels! She came with a whole band of musicians – violinists, percussionists, flute players – and I was hooked. They were completely old school; living, eating and breathing music. I even remember feigning illness to stay home from school so that I could listen to them rehearse. I just kept on listening to music from then on.

I still class myself as more of a listener than performer, although I must say – I love composing music. I like to get lost in the notes and the romance of a song.  I love slow music, with lots of what we class as ‘komal’ notes in Indian Classical music, which makes them more minor in scale.

The greatest thing that my musical journey has brought me so far, is friendship through Raj and Hemmy.  Our musical moments are what I truly value more than words can express.  Singing with them gives me an amazing buzz that I don’t get anywhere else.  We always end up singing random notes, laughing, making several cups of tea, lighting candles and hiding under blankets.  Needless to say, that’s all instead of doing anything serious like recording!

In 2010, we all moved to different cities so our time together has been limited :-(.    So, we decided to set up this site.  To share our precious memories and our adventures – with each other, our family and friends, and anyone else who’s interested.

Hope you enjoy it!

Raina xx


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  1. That’s such a wonderful story and expression of music through words. We enjoy reading your blog too – from Oxford. Update with more of your writing please