If you’re an artist, school, organisation or individual and are interested in getting involved in any way, or in collaborating with us, then get in touch.  Just leave us a message or email as info@sareni.co.uk

Below are details of some of the artists we have collaborated with recently.

Steve Nijjar

http://www.madraj.co.uk/ – we composed and performed the music for the film ‘Swami’ by Steve Nijjar.  Visit his site for details of his films, plays and other works.   Particularly his play ‘The White Surrogate Husband’ which is on at the Curve, Leicester.

Barnaby Smith

Wonderful musician, Barnaby Smith, is featured playing the piano on our first single, Echoes and mastered and played the music for our third track, Sunrise.  He is a multi-talented bloke and what’s more, his main instrument is actually the violin.  So, if you need music composition, production & recording facilities, music tuition or just want to hear some really cool stuff, check him out at www.greenwaymusic.com

And if that doesn’t quench your thirst, go to www.barnabysmith.org to hear more of him in action!

Rekesh Chauhan

http://www.rekeshchauhan.com/ Rekesh is undoubtedly a fantastic pianist.  Sajna is the very first song we wrote, and we were delighted to have Rekesh on board to play the piano score for it.

Derek Studios

Derek was excellent to work with. We recorded Sajna at his studio. He is very talented and quite a perfectionist too.

Gary Mantra

We experienced Gary’s creativity with the track “Chant”. He readily added a funky beat to a string of sargams we composed. We look forward to more collaborations in the future.

Sally Heasley Illustrations

www.sallyheasley.co.uk – Sally is a talented artist, who very kindly designed our logo for us, which you can see on various pages of this site.  Her website has some fantastic pieces on offer and we love her work.  For full details of the cards, screenprints, digital prints and other works Sally has created, visit her website.

Colin Morrison

Colin Morrison is a pianist and trumpet player, whom we have performed live with a number of times.  We love the fact that he is so easily able to improvise and work with pieces that have an Indian Classical base, to completely transform them.


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