Sa-re-ni is exactly what we are about. I am not sure which one of these notes I represent, but I know for sure that the feeling I experience when I harmonise with Raina and Raj is beyond description and what I enjoy the most. The moments spent singing together, often accompanied by candles of all description are the ones I look forward to eagerly and cherish. Moving more than a hundred miles away from each other has made this a less frequent activity, but we wish to continue Sareni’s existence through this website and blog! So, here we are. 

My mother played the harmonium proficiently and was always keen for her children to accompany her whilst she sang at the temple. I guess that was when I first started singing. I’ve loved it ever since – I really enjoy kirtan, and  feel internal peace and calmness when I recite shabads/simran.

I received formal training in indian classical music for a period of about four years where I met Raina and Raj. We spent many hours practising various ragas together. Some of the fun moments were when we obsessed with perfecting those “ghamaks”. Needless to say, we would often wander off piste and start composing our own renditions! And this is where we are today. We love composing music without boundaries.

I would love to devote more time to music, but I am dedicated to my career in medicine! Nevertheless, advances in technology mean that it is now so easy to record a quick tune, that making and sharing music during my spare time is now a much easier activity. We hope to keep you updated on our musical adventures together through this website.




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