Group members: Hemmy, Raina & Raj

Key aims:-

– To compose music without any boundaries

– Multifaceted approach integrating a variety of musical disciplines to produce interesting new styles

– Experimentation with Indian and western classical music utilising key elements from each including vocal tactics and musical instruments to produce our own music

– Improvisation is key to our music as it allows us to integrate fully through musical communication, and to freely express ourselves

Our Journey:- 

It was natural progression of a special musical journey that led to Sareni’s existence. Our story begins over a decade ago when we first met at an Indian classical music school where we all learnt Indian Classical vocals. We were fortunate to have the opportunity to perform and work with many other musicians who shared our interests.

We started working as a group, by running an Arts Council England funded project, called ‘Parampara’. We were responsible for producing musical performances and arranging a series of 5 concerts over a 2-year period, to bring Indian Classical music to a wider audience.  This process gave us a fantastic insight into project management and some great opportunities.

Since then, our passion for music, akin to an unquenchable thirst, has brought us together and we have continued to use our initiative to compose, perform and most of all – have fun.

We are most proud of the fact that, to date, we have created so much music and are eager to open out to an even wider audience.  We have now focused on music creation and composition and are continuing to create the music we enjoy for anyone who shares our passion and interest.

We love making music.  We hope that you enjoy listening and if you have any feedback, good or bad, it’d be most welcome.