Sa Re Ni….or Re Ni Sa….or Ni Sa Re….. or Ga Pa Ma?


Oh yes, if you are not familiar with the indian musical notation, collectively known as the sargam, then you have every right to be wondering what these monosyllabic phrases are! Well, seven such notes form the basis of an indian musical scale just like Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti do in the western scale. And so we pondered for hours on end. Of course, the ‘thinkingof a suitable band name’ was conveniently interrupted by singing! Lo and behold, there stood the answer! It was in what we loved the most. Singing, improvising and immersing endlessly into those notes. After trying several combinations, we liked the sound of ‘Sa Re Ni’ and that’s how our name was invented. That’s what we are.  Three musical notes, three friends and one voice.


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